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USPS PS 3602-NZ 2023-2024 free printable template

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United States Postal Service Post Office: Note Mail Arrival Date & Time (Do Not Round Stamp)Postage StatementNonprofit USPS Marketing Mail EasyNonautomation Letters or Flats This form may be used
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USPS PS 3602-NZ Form Versions

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How to fill out ps form 3602 nz


How to fill out PS Form 3602 NZ:

Begin by entering the date in the designated box at the top right corner of the form. Use the format MM/DD/YYYY.
Fill in the "From" section by writing your name or the name of your organization in the first line. On the second line, provide the complete return address.
In the "To" section, enter the name and address of the recipient in the appropriate lines. Make sure to include all necessary details such as street address, city, state, and ZIP code.
If the mailpiece is intended for a specific department or individual, indicate this information in the "Attention" line.
Next, fill in the "Permit Holder" section by entering the name of the permit holder and the mailing permit number in the respective lines.
In the "Postage Statement" section, mark the appropriate box to indicate the type of mail service you are using. Then, specify the total number of pieces in the mailing.
Calculate the postage by multiplying the number of pieces by the corresponding rate, which can be found in the USPS Price List or obtained from your local post office.
Complete the "Total Postage" box by adding up the amounts for each rate category.
If you are claiming postage discounts or additional fees, provide the necessary information in the "Total Postage Discounts/Fees" box.
Finally, sign and date the form at the bottom to certify that the information provided is accurate.

Who needs PS Form 3602 NZ?

Postal Service customers who wish to send packages or letters using applicable USPS postage rates and services.
Businesses or organizations that have a mailing permit and need to document their postage payment.
Individuals or entities that require an official record of the mailing details and postage paid for their mailpieces.

Who needs the PS Form 3602-NZ?

The form is used by any mailer that sends multiple easy non-automation letters of the same weight through the United States Postal Service for non-profit purposes.

What is the PS Form 3602-NZ for?

The form may be used only for a single non-automation price mailing of identical-weight pieces.

Is the PS Form 3602-NZ accompanied by other forms?

No other forms accompany the PS Form 3602-NZ.

How do I fill out the PS Form 3602-NZ?

(1) Complete Mailer and Mailing sections (pages 1 and 2) that apply to the mailing presented. N/A should be entered for all non-applicable sections.

(2) Fill the Postage section for the respective category — Presorted Letters and Flats, as follows: (a) fill in the number of pieces at each presort and entry discount level on the respective line in section B or E; (b) multiply the postage price by number of pieces. For Permit Imprint mailings, round off to four decimal places. On Postage Affixed mailings round off to three decimal places.

(3) Add the postage (lines B1 — B5 for machinable letters; lines B— — B16 for nonmachinable letters weighing 3.3 oz or less; lines B17 — B27 for nonmachinable letters that weigh more than 3.3 oz but less than 16 oz; and E3 — E17 for flats). Enter the subtotal for Part B or Part E on the appropriate Part B or E Subtotal line. Enter the Total Postage on the respective line.

(4) If applicable, complete the line for Postage Affixed; check the box for the Price at Which Postage Affixed (Correct, Lowest, or Neither). Multiply the number of pieces by the postage affixed and put the total in the line for Postage Affixed. Subtract the Postage Affixed from the Total Postage and enter remainder in Net Postage.

(5) Read and sign the Certification section, including the mailer’s telephone number.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ps form 3602 nz

Instructions and Help about usps 3602 nz form

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What is usps form 3602 nz?

PS Form 3602-EZ is a simplified postage statement designed specifically for small business mailers who are mailing USPS Marketing Mail letters, and flats. ... Postage statements for other classes of mail, and for more complex USPS Marketing Mail mailings, are also available on the postage statement page.

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All USPS packages must be reported on PS Form 3602-NZ. This form requires the sender to provide the following information: - Shipper's Name and Address - Receiver's Name and Address - Package Description (size, weight, contents) - Shipping Method - Tracking Number - Date Shipped - Date Received - Signature of Sender/Receiver
The penalty for the late filing of PS Form 3602-NZ is a fine of up to $500.
PS Form 3602-NZ is a United States Postal Service (USPS) form used for reporting postage and fees for First-Class Mail Presort letters and flats. It is used by USPS mailing facilities and bulk mailers to document the total number of pieces and weight of mailings, as well as the associated postage rates. This form helps to calculate the postage costs and ensure the accurate payment of mailing fees.
PS Form 3602-NZ is used by businesses or individuals who need to send bulk mailings through the United States Postal Service (USPS) using the Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail rate. Therefore, it must be filed by nonprofit organizations that qualify for this mailing rate.
To fill out PS Form 3602-NZ, you can follow these steps: 1. Start by providing your return address details in the top left corner of the form. Include your name, department or organization, street address, city, state, ZIP code, and telephone number. 2. On the top right corner of the form, enter the USPS account number associated with your mailing. 3. In section 1, "Scheduled Mailing Date," select the desired date for delivery by checking the appropriate box. If it is a rush or overnight mailing, indicate the required delivery date. 4. In section 2, "Mailer and Job Information," provide the necessary details about the mailing. This includes the Mailer ID (Mailer Identifier), Job ID (Job Identifier), and Presort ID (if applicable). 5. In section 3, "Mail Preparation," check the appropriate boxes for the type of mailing and for any additional services requested. This includes options like "Presorting," "Barcode Placement," "National Change of Address (NCOA)," and "Inkjet Addressing." 6. In section 4, "Postage Payment Method," select the method of postage payment. This could be through a permit imprint, precanceled stamps, or other methods. Provide any required account numbers or references. 7. In section 5, "Postage Statement Total," calculate the total number of pieces and the total postage amount for the mailing. 8. In section 6, "Certification," the authorized person should fill in their name, title, and sign and date the form. 9. Finally, make copies of the completed form for your records and submit the original form to the appropriate USPS facility. Note: It is essential to refer to the USPS guidelines and regulations, as well as any specific instructions provided, to accurately fill out PS Form 3602-NZ for your mailing.
PS Form 3602 NZ, also known as the Nonprofit Standard Mail Postage Statement, is a form utilized by nonprofit organizations to claim discounted postage rates while sending mailings through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The purpose of this form is to provide detailed information about the nonprofit organization, the specific mailings being sent, and the postage payment method. It helps ensure that nonprofit organizations qualify for lower mailing rates and comply with USPS regulations for nonprofit mailings.
The deadline to file PS Form 3602-NZ in 2023 may vary depending on the specific circumstances or requirements. It is advised to consult with the United States Postal Service (USPS) or the relevant postal authority for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the deadline.
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