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United States Postal ServicePost Office: Note Mail Arrival Date & Time (Do Not RoundStamp)Postage StatementNonprofit USPS Marketing Mail EasyNonautomation Letters or Flats This form may be used
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Who needs the PS Form 3602-NZ?

The form is used by any mailer that sends multiple easy non-automation letters of the same weight through the United States Postal Service for non-profit purposes.

What is the PS Form 3602-NZ for?

The form may be used only for a single non-automation price mailing of identical-weight pieces.

Is the PS Form 3602-NZ accompanied by other forms?

No other forms accompany the the PS Form 3602-NZ.

How do I fill out the PS Form 3602-NZ?

(1) Complete Mailer and Mailing sections (pages 1 and 2) that apply to the mailing presented. N/A should be entered for all non-applicable sections.

(2) Fill the Postage section for the respective category — Presorted Letters and Flats, as follows: (a) fill in the number of pieces at each presort and entry discount level on the respective line in section B or E; (b) multiply the postage price by number of pieces. For Permit Imprint mailings, round off to four decimal places. On Postage Affixed mailings round off to three decimal places.

(3) Add the postage (lines B1 — B5 for machinable letters; lines B— - B16 for nonmachinable letters weighing 3.3 oz or less; lines B17 — B27 for nonmachinable letters that weigh more than 3.3 oz but less than 16 oz; and E3 — E17 for flats). Enter the subtotal for Part B or Part E on the appropriate Part B or E Subtotal line. Enter the Total Postage on the respective line.

(4) If applicable, complete the line for Postage Affixed; check the box for the Price at Which Postage Affixed (Correct, Lowest, or Neither). Multiply the number of pieces by the postage affixed and put the total in the line for Postage Affixed. Subtract the Postage Affixed from the Total Postage and enter remainder in Net Postage.

(5) Read and sign the Certification section, including the mailer’s telephone number.

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